Can I monetize SoundCloud?

One of the most popular streaming music services in SoundCloud relatively recently announced the launch of a new monetization program SoundCloud Premier, which is available to all users of SoundCloud Pro and SoundCloud Unlimited accounts. This means that now musicians will be able not only to expand their base of fans using the service, but also to make good money on their own music.

Royalty payments to authors of musical compositions directly depend on the number of listenings and some other parameters. Sound Cloud states that the monthly royalties paid to musicians compete with many other music streaming venues.


It is characteristic that only adult subscribers will be able to take part in the monetization program, and monetization can be applied only to original compositions that do not violate copyright.

Royalties will be paid to the authors monthly, but provided that the track gains a sufficient number of auditions, which will provide him with earnings of $100. To understand the situation, novice artists will say that one thousand streams will bring the author from 2.5 to 4 dollars in profit. The arrival will largely depend on the country in which the content was listened to, on the net income brought by advertising, as well as on the decision of the founders, which will determine the percentage of the company’s net profit provided for the payment of fees to the authors of musical works.

SoundCloud like some other streaming services, will not require exclusive rights to host content. Music can be sold through other services – Apple Music, Spotify and the like.

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So far, the program is not available in all countries. In the list of countries where the service works legally and SoundCloud Premier is open to artists – the United States, Great Britain, European Union countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Loading a track is not automatically the beginning of the process of monetizing it. First, the author must upload the track to the service, after which he will be moderated for a day. If it turns out that the content is not original, then it will simply be removed from the media library of this music venue. If everything is in full order with originality, then the author signs an agreement in electronic form with the service and the process of monetizing his audio content begins.

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