Can I Play Free Music On My Android?

Different music listening apps offer different features and functionality tailored to the different needs of the listeners. But what’s the best music app for your specific needs? How to find the best among the worthy, because so many programs have already been created that the user simply does not have time to test each of them.

Therefore, we have compiled our own top convenient programs for smartphones, which we consider worthy of the attention of music lovers. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with their description and functionality to make it easier to understand which applications would be good to consider more carefully.

Spotify is the undisputed leader in the global music streaming industry. The Swedish service has been ranked first among such platforms for many years in a row. There is a large selection of music, the service’s media library exceeds 70 million tracks.

The trial period for new users is one month, then the user either purchases the premium version or continues to use the free version, but already with a mediocre quality of music to listen to. You can create playlists and share them, a recommendation service and podcasts work.

Play Free Music On My Android

Deezer is a French music streaming service, one of the leaders in the music market in terms of sound quality. It has tens of millions of songs in its library, 320kbps MP3s for all users, a one-month trial period, and a subscription thereafter. If you do not subscribe, then the user will have access to all functionality, with the exception of high quality sound, the ability to download music and offline access.

The library of the French streaming music service has more than 75 million tracks, there is a karaoke mode, a music advisor and playlists compiled for connoisseurs of collections of different genres and trends.

SoundCloud is not so much a service for listening to music as a social network where musical groups are represented, including many famous performers. It will appeal to users who are looking for an application on their phone that allows them not only to listen to their favorite music, but also to discover new performers unknown to the public. You can also upload your own tracks there without restrictions, some novice musicians even make money on their own recordings.

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It is possible to save tracks to listen to them offline, and up to 50,000 songs can be stored in the cloud storage.

Pandora is a music streaming service that has a permanent free version. In this service, the user receives a flexible system of settings and filters, an intelligent recommendation system based on user requests, and the generation of radio stations “for the user”. If you were looking for an application in which you can get a high bitrate without paying, then listening to music through this service will appeal to you.

Tidal is a Norwegian development that today leads the world of streaming music in terms of sound quality, overtaking all its competitors in this indicator.

A streaming music service co-launched by famous artists to give users a good opportunity to listen to a solid top: the best of the creations of contemporary artists and famous musicians of yesteryear. Bitrate is the key declared value of the service: AAC, Flac, lossless compression. However, this pleasure is by no means free, its price is higher than that of analogues, so we can call it a solution for music lovers. But there is not only music, but also videos, interviews, intelligent music recognition and several versions of a paid program. Trial period – 30 days.

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