Can I Play Karaoke CDs On My DVD Player?

Many karaoke lovers ask if they can play CDs in DVD Player? This question is really relevant, especially for those who use such gadgets.

First, the CD needs to be converted to DVD format. ConvertXtoDVD will help us with this. Burning a disc that can be read on a consumer DVD player is a problem for many. In order for your disc to be played by any consumer DVD-player, it must be in DVD format – it must be not one file with the extension, for example, AVI, but the AUDIO_TS folder.

To do this, we need to convert our existing CD into DVD format. The DVD players we have, even quite new ones (and even older models, even more so), do not understand all audio and video encodings, but only a very limited number. To convert your fox to DVD compatible format, we will use perhaps the best program of its kind – ConvertXtoDVD.

This program can work with almost all available video formats (including AVI, MKV, FLV, SWF). It doesn’t need external AVI codecs to work. she uses her own. It also allows you to create colorful disc menus. The program has a clear and user-friendly interface.

In most cases, there is no need to burn files to a DVD, but there is no problem here either: the ConvertXtoDVD program described in the article will convert an MPEG file to DVD without any problems (by the way, it can also work with high-definition video formats: mts and m2ts). One of its advantages is full automation, which saves you from all the routine tasks: you just select the files you want to add to the DVD and press the convert button.

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The program will start processing the disk (convert to the desired format). As a rule, the conversion time is quite long (it depends on the power of your computer, the amount and quality of content). At this time, it is better not to load the gadget with extraneous tasks and just wait for the operation to complete. After the files are converted, ConvertXtoDVD will prompt you to select a drive and burn the content to disc. In general, there is nothing more to comment on – you can safely insert the recorded disc into any DVD-player and enjoy karaoke.

Today there are many specialized programs for converting CD to DVD format. There is simply no point in describing all of them. You need to find the most suitable conversion program on the Internet and use it.

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