Can I play my own music on YouTube Music?

Today, the global music industry is gradually reorienting to streaming (streaming) services, since the number of performances of musicians live has critically decreased, and the trade in music on physical media has become a thing of the past.

Music streaming services for listening to songs use music industry figures to receive royalties, as well as private persons that download and listen to music on them. And in this sense, YouTube Music is no exception.

You can create personal music collection in the media library YouTube Music by uploading songs and albums into it. Once this music has been downloaded, you can use YouTube Music to play your favorite music songs.

To find downloaded tracks, you need to go to the Library section. Next, click Albums, Songs, or Artists to find the music you’re looking for. Next, select the Downloads section.

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When the section opens, you will be able to see all music albums, downloaded tracks and selected artists. In this section, information can be provided by download date and time, so it is not very difficult to find the file of interest. You can select other information options.

It is necessary to say that the platform uses a reliable Content ID system, which allows holders of copyright over music content to determine and manage how their content is used on the service. Each musical composition uploaded to YouTube Music is checked against the Content ID database to determine whether it contains copyrighted content.

If the copyright holder considers that the download violates his intellectual property right, then he can complain to the Content ID and ask him to block or completely remove this content from a certain user.

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