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Can I see how many times I've played a song on Spotify?

Swedish streaming music service Spotify has become today one of the main tools for the music industry. Given the limitations associated with the coronavirus pandemic, the vast majority of artists in almost all countries do not have the opportunity to hold live concerts. But it was concerts, according to omniscient statistics, that brought more than 80% of the profit to music industry figures. And they went online. Now the main profit for many musicians is made by musical streaming. But to understand how many times the composition was listened to, to understand the prospects and to analyze market preferences, artists and labels need listening statistics. How do I get it on this streaming service?

Spotify for Artists can provide almost all the information necessary for the artist. This applies to individual compositions and entire albums. The artist and his team will receive data on the total number of listenings and saves of a particular track or album. The application also gives statistics on the number of listeners, based on the total number of accounts in which the composition or album was listened.


It is not yet possible to obtain such statistics on any other streaming music service. The analytical platform also gives a breakdown by category of students and their location. In this case, it should be borne in mind that the Swedish streaming service is not officially open in all countries of the world, so users from those countries where it is not yet available will register their accounts, indicating other locations.

The function of the application is also important compared to the profile of the user who applied for statistics, with ten other musicians who have a similar or approximate number of strips in quantitative and qualitative terms.

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The performer can also obtain information by sex and age from the analytics tool. This will help him determine the target audience of his listeners and, of course, significantly increase the popularity of his track or album and its popularity. Detailed segmentation of listeners by category occurs over a certain period of time. As a rule, this is the day of accessing statistics or another period, the data about which can be requested by the artist. The application also visualizes the situation in the form of graphs and charts, which gives a clear understanding of the dynamics of promotion of a particular track or music album.

Mastering such a simple and at the same time very effective analytics tool provides the artist and his team with tremendous opportunities to develop and bring the track or album, as well as all the work of this artist to a completely new level.

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