Can I Share Music With Friends On Tidal?

You can create your own playlists with just a few clicks from your music collection on Tidal. Adding pre-made playlists to your collection is as easy as adding favorites. The range of the latter is huge and in terms of quality ready-made playlists from Tidal can compete with the analogue from the leader of the world streaming market Spotify.

No less interesting are the lists specially prepared by famous artists and composers. There are exclusive collections of BeyoncĂ©, Rihanna and Co. A feature that was unfortunately still missing from playlists is co-editing playlists. You can easily publish your playlists and share them with your friends and acquaintances. Unfortunately, there is no way to work with them on this matter. However, private exchange with friends via the link is possible without problems. If we talk about one of the most successful competitors of the service, the Swedish Spotify, then it has a social network function that allows you to share music albums with friends, rate their compositions, communicate freely, and so on. And this is one of the big problems of Tidal and largely determines its lag in the global streaming market from the leader – the Swedish streaming service Spotify.

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Unfortunately, with Tidal you have to do without a personalized recommendation system that constantly suggests new music suggestions to you based on your listening behavior, because Tidal is going its own way here. If you can do without personalized suggestions, or prefer to browse the provider’s archive yourself, Tidal Discovery is a nice bonus. What makes Tidal different is additional information about albums, artists or titles that you can call up with a simple right click. Thus, you can always find out who really participated in the creation of a piece of music. At the top of each genre’s page, you have the option to play an endless stream of music that can introduce you to new artists or even introduce you to a whole new genre.

The lack of social media features turns off many potential users who could join the streaming service’s multi-million subscriber base. If you have any questions or concerns, you can learn more about Tidal using the extensive FAQ section, but on the other hand, the streaming service does not have a phone hotline, forum, or live chat support.

Tidal is famous for its sound quality when choosing one of the premium subscription categories. True, Tidal estimates the number of tracks available in master quality at 200,000. This number is quite small compared to the entire catalogue, but especially current and somewhat better known albums can be found more often in very high quality.

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