Can I Transfer My Spotify Playlist to Another Account 2022?

No matter why you need a new account on Spotify. You may need to transfer your playlist from the old one here. There are several ways to do it. Let’s look at them.

  1. Drag and drop Spotify playlists directly. Use your computer to do that. Open your Spotify app on it and log into the old account. Select the playlist you want to drop on your computer. You will receive the file in the HTML format. Double click this file, and get redirected to the page that shows this playlist. Log into your new account. Copy the playlist from your computer or drag it immediately from the page. Now, your old and new accounts will show the same playlist. You may delete it on the old account if you’d like to. Or click on the special icon to save the list in the Spotify Library.
  2. Save the public playlist immediately from your old profile. Log into your new profile and click ‘Search’. Type the name of your old profile there and locate the public playlists you want to transfer. Save it to your new account’s library.
  3. Transfer the playlist by its URL from Web Player. Simultaneously, log into your old account on the Spotify Web Play and your new account in the app. Choose the playlist in the Web Player to transfer, and click ‘Share→Copy Playlist Link’. Insert the link in the search bar and press ‘Enter’. When the playlist is in your app, you can just add it to your new account.
  4. Transfer the playlist by its URL from Spotify App. Copy all the songs in the playlist manually. Start with launching the app on your device. Log into the old account. Right-click the playlist you want to transfer. Choose ‘Collaborative Playlist’. Now, playlists in both accounts are accessible for copying and changing. Right-click the chosen playlist once again. Opt for ‘Share→Copy Playlist URL’ in the dropdown list. Log out from the old account and log into the new one. Paste the URL in the search bar and hit ‘Enter’. After the chosen playlist has appeared in your new account, save it in your personal music collection.
  5. Transfer the playlist with the help of the Customer Support service. They can help you transfer all the data you need from the old to new account. Tell them your Spotify username or email address for the new account and provide a list of data you want to transfer. You need the Spotify Premium subscription for this. To contact the Support team, choose ‘Account→Other→I still need help→Start Chat’. Explain what kind of help you need and give them all the required information.

You can also download your playlist from Spotify to your computer converting it to MP3, AAC, or other formats with the help of a reliable converter and get the outstanding output. Now, you can easily upload the converted file onto your new account.

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You can also sync the Spotify playlist with all your devices, such as USB drive or car player in this way.

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