Can I Upload My Song On Resso?

Resso is the new music streaming platform from the creators of TikTok. ByteDance is the Chinese company responsible for the success of the social media platform TikTok, formerly known as Given the tremendous experience gained as a result of the development of this project, it can be expected that the new project will jeopardize the position of even the global leader in the streaming music service Spotify in the market. Whether this is so is still unknown, but the first information about the platform’s success is impressive.

As with other music streaming platforms, Resso lets users create their own playlists by manually adding as many songs as they like. Since the application has some social networking features, users will be able to watch their friend’s playlists. And when one of them adds something new to the playlist, then all his friends will receive the corresponding messages.

To add your tracks to your library, you need to download and install the official Resso client for Windows or macOS. Further, the procedure is, in principle, standard. You must select the appropriate file on your gadget that the user intends to add. Next, just add this audio file.

Can I Upload My Song On Resso

The playlist will not immediately appear in the user’s library, it goes through a certain moderation. After completing these steps, the application will be sent for verification. It is impossible to say exactly how long this check will take, but, as a rule, the procedure takes from several minutes to several hours. If there is incorrect information or questions, the technical support service will contact the user and help resolve the issues.

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After successful verification of your application, the track will become available on this new music streaming site. In order to track information about listeners, listeners, audiences, some music streaming services provide resources for performers, where a large amount of analytics on releases is presented, a lot of educational information on promotion, playlists, and audience. In Resso, according to the promises of its creators, such functions should appear in the near future and in their perfect form.

Considering that the streaming platform is rapidly gaining popularity not only in China, India and Indonesia, but also in the rest of the world, it becomes very promising in terms of developing a musical career for many performers. Especially so far, the site is popular with performers from these countries. After all, the tastes of users in different regions of the world differ significantly, which is quite natural.

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