Can I Use Beatport On Djuced?

The online music service Beatport introduces a new online application. The Beatport DJ service will be available to all users with a paid subscription.

The American online store Beatport is an everyday source of music used by DJs around the world. The owners of the popular platform want to go even further. Hence the emergence of Beatport DJ, its own streaming application designed for DJs.

Every time a new product is introduced to the market, modeled after others, there are many question marks around it. In terms of functionality, Beatport DJ is built similarly to Rekordbox or Serato. MIDI-enabled application supports:

  1. checkpoints
  2. effects
  3. tempo control,
  4. synchronization
  5. automixing
  6. playback loop,
  7. bit grid
  8. equalizer

The creators, through the application, want to help both professional and novice DJs in the intuitive and easy use of its services, in contrast to the noticeable shortcomings of competitors. An additional advantage of Beatport DJ is the convenience of using it with a regular web browser.

Current subscribers to the service will have instant access to Beatport DJ and compatible Hercules DJUCED integration. This is a DJ software that is very popular due to its great features and efficiency. The application is suitable for both beginner DJs and professionals in this field of the music business. It’s easy to learn with an intuitive interface and a free version that can be used on an ongoing basis. As a rule, the free version is used by beginner DJs who are just starting to master this exciting profession and who do not yet have enough funds to purchase the professional version of this versatile DJing application.

The app allows you to use the Beatport database (which currently stands at around 6 million songs) at any time without having to download the song.

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Beatport DJ will add huge market value by providing new opportunities for DJs of all genres of music. This will be beneficial for music creators and record companies, as it will lead to an increase in streaming royalties. This is a unique tool that will inspire a new generation of DJs to start mixing right from their laptop’s web browser.

The offer currently includes three packages – one basic and two professional. The former, which costs $14.99 per month, gives you access to the entire Beatport database. The user of this package has at his disposal songs in mp3 format, broadcast at 128 kbps, i.e. the standard frequency found in the basic versions of streaming services. As part of this option, we cannot save fragments in the application that we would like to have offline access to. Two more expensive packages allow you to do this.

The cost of a monthly subscription to the first is $39.99. In return, we get access to the entire database, and mp3 songs are streamed at 320 kbps. In addition, we can save up to 50 songs for offline access. The most expensive Beatport Link package costs $59.99 per month. The difference from its predecessor is that in this case, up to 100 pieces are available for offline use.

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