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Can I use DDJ-400 with iPhone?

The Pioneer Company has released a lot of interesting products recently. One of them is a portable DJ controller of the DDJ-400 model.

Can I use DDJ-400 with iPhone?

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This unusual tool is based on a younger model that is suitable for many DJs. However, at the same time, the developers have improved this controller and added a few interesting details. One of them was the long-awaited update in terms of color. The developers made this model of a controller in classic black color. Also, there is the option to purchase this equipment in gray color.

Like the DDJ-200, the updated version has two channels, too. The position of the control elements hasn’t changed much either. This is an advantage if you had an older version because when you switch to the new one, everything is clear.

There are also a number of other advantages of this hardware.

  1. The controller’s lightweight allows it to be comfortably transported and taken anywhere.
  2. Clear and distortion-free sound (best in this price range).
  3. Possibility to connect to a computer and mix tracks.

And, of course, the main advantage of the DDJ-400 controller is its access to streaming services. To put it simply, you can use your music library, such as Spotify, to create mixes.

Using this music application, you can work with:

  • Spotify;
  • Tidal;
  • Beatport LINK;
  • Sound Cloud.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you want to use streaming as a music source, in most cases you’ll need a premium subscription.

Can I use the DDJ-400 with my iPhone, – you might ask. Of course, you can! The DDJ-400 developers have given users the ability to use their equipment with both iPhone and iPad. The reason for this is the high volume of requests.

It’s a convenient feature, as a huge percentage of people prefer to use their portable devices for control. The only thing you have to consider in order to mix tracks with your iPhone is the availability of the necessary Lightning cable. So, the question of portability is solved, as you don’t even need to connect it to your computer because an ordinary smartphone can cope with this task!

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