Can I Use Deezer Abroad?

Deezer is a music streaming service with a wide selection of artists and content. But if you’re fed up with what you’ve been listening to, you can choose other countries to get different content, explore, and meet local artists from all over the world.

Streaming platform Deezer recently announced a new exclusive Country Selector feature that allows users to change their music and podcast recommendations to any country in the world where Deezer is present, of their choice.

The feature is available to both free and premium users, as well as in the application or on the desktop (it may take several hours to make changes). You can change as many times as you like, but don’t worry, the app’s language doesn’t change.

Migration to Deezer

Within a few seconds, the user navigates and immediately has access to the most listened to songs, curated playlists, local podcasts and receives recommendations specific to the selected country. The user will be able to switch from French podcasts today to German or Spanish music the next day.

According to Deezer, in order to travel to another country, the user simply needs to access their settings, select “Select Country” and select the location they prefer. And if you change your mind, you can always choose another country as many times as you want. The language settings will remain the same if the user selects a different country.

There are several steps to take to change the country:

1. Log in to the app, click on your profile picture and open the menu, enter “Account Settings”.

2. In the bar above your account information, click More.

3. In the menu that opens, click “Select country”.

4. Just choose which country you want to listen to music from.

By changing the country to Deezer, you can access and discover more music on the streaming service. The fact is that the French music streaming service has a basic set of music for all the countries in the world in which it operates. And it works in almost 200 countries on all continents. The basic part of the music library may not suit the user, for example, from some West African country, because he wants to listen to local regional or national music content that is popular in his country. And this is quite natural.

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But in this case, he can simply change the country in the settings and get the maximum of national music. At least in the amount that is in the media library of the streaming service. And in this case, the user does not have to change the geolocation at all, because Deezer does not require this, unlike many of its other colleagues in the streaming music workshop.

The option described above is also very effective for those who are looking for musical accompaniment for their video clips, which they are going to post on some video service. It makes it much easier to find exclusive national music for those parts of the world that cannot be widely represented in the main part of the French streaming service’s music library.

But you won’t be able to save money on a subscription by changing the country virtually, because the cost of a Deezer subscription is the same in all countries of the world.

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