Can I Use Hercules With Virtual DJ?

In the fascinating world of DJing, not only talent and professional knowledge are of great importance, but also the equipment with which a disc jockey works. Both the hardware and its software play a huge role in the success or failure of a DJ.

Hercules DJ is one of the most advanced and expensive DJ controllers on the market. The Hercules line of DJ devices currently includes about 15 different controllers.

But a DJ controller on its own isn’t much help without the right software. The controller is designed to work in the Virtual Dj program. Thus, the location of buttons and controls is made in accordance with the program interface.

But, of course, the use of Hercules DJ is not limited to Virtual Dj. Traktor users can download the official mapping for Traktor Pro and Traktor Pro 2 from the manufacturer’s website. One way or another, for full-fledged work, you will have to additionally purchase a full-fledged version of any program, since in most cases the controller comes with only a lightweight version of Virtual Dj Light.

The license for the Virtual DJ software has several options. The full version of Virtual DJ will cost $299, it implies the use of the program with any controller. A license tied to one specific device will cost significantly less. In this case, the discount will depend on the type of controller. In the case of Hercules DJ, the license is $149 and there is also a full license option for $19 per month.

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Now about the Virtual Dj Light program itself. According to experts, even a novice DJ can work with the controller in this program, since it is very simple and devoid of any settings. Of course, the advanced version of Virtual Dj Pro will be much more interesting, as it has a more modern and user-friendly interface, new features and a rewritten program engine. However, even a simplified version of the program can reveal the potential of the controller.

This program is, in fact, a large virtual DJ console on which you can make various mixes from several songs, apply various effects to music, etc.

  1. In order to start using this program, you need to add a base – a piece of music with which you have to work further.
  2. After the main composition is added to the program, it is necessary to unify it and add various sound effects and samples to it. After selecting the desired effect, click on it with the left mouse button, and it will automatically start to listen. You can also apply a sample while playing the main song. You need to run it and activate the effect during the game.
  3. Approximately the same should be done with sound effects. Click on the appropriate drop-down list, select the desired effect to your liking, and while the composition is playing, apply it. This will change the sound beyond recognition.

So, if you use Hercules DJ equipment, then the Virtual DJ software will be the most compatible and workable for it.

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