Can I Use Virtual DJ On My Phone?

This application for DJs has become one of the most popular and sought after. With it, you can quickly carry out all the actions that a DJ usually does. And for this, only a smartphone will be enough.

What features does Virtual DJ for Android offer you? This application will satisfy the needs of both beginner and professional DJing. Among its advantages are the following:

  • Powerful and easy to use, that’s how DJs describe Virtual DJ: This Android DJ mixer offers the most intelligent DJ technology on the market and intuitive features. Thus, it becomes very easy and practical for any DJ to learn and improve.
  • Versatility for any type of DJ: Clearly Virtual DJ for Android is one of the most used portable mixers for smartphones on the planet for free, and of course, if it adapts and adjusts to any type of DJ. From beginners to professionals. Not only that, but also allows you to create, learn and play any combination without leaving your mobile phone.
  • Diverse and editable configuration: Virtual DJ for Android works for free with the most complete and popular DJ controllers and mixers on the market. Which gets pretty powerful autonomy with auto-configuration and auto-discovery and a whole lot more.
  • Sound Library Management: By downloading Virtual DJ for Android, you’ll have superior music library management. This application has smart folders, quick search in disks and folders, playlists and more. The particular advantage of this DJ mixer for Android is that it offers automatic suggestions (with artificial intelligence), online catalogs, and even request processing.
  • Ability to mix audio and video to your liking. One of the features of the free version of Virtual DJ for Android is that it supports multiple audio and video formats and, if that’s not enough, karaoke, so you can mix all kinds of resources as you like and create a phenomenal track.

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As already mentioned, the application has become one of the most effective ways to speed up and optimize the DJ’s creative work. Top features of Virtual DJ:

  • Unsurpassed professional sound quality: Virtual DJ has a high-quality professional sound engine that will provide you with exceptional and clear sound. In addition, it includes a master tempo, high-quality pitch stretching, equalizers, effects, filters, and a limiter to avoid clipping and distortion. It has automatic Plug & Play detection for all DJ equipment and, if that’s not enough, also for the most popular sound cards on the market, as well as an advanced and full modality audio setup interface.
  • Ability to create lists and stories: with this DJ mixer for Android, you will have support for online song lists of your favorite sets with social media integration. In addition, thanks to the software, you will be able to organize your story in various ways to offer you all the material you need and make it more intuitive to use.

If you are already using Virtual DJ for Android, then you have a practical and advanced tool at your fingertips that will help you learn, create and play a large number of mixes from your smartphone.

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