Can Macs Use VSTS?

At this point, no one has the slightest doubt that Apple’s latest iOS devices have sonic capabilities that go far beyond the realm where they could only be called toys.

Just take a look at the features of next-generation apps – from multi-point control tools that outperform their hardware competitors, to multitrack apps and sequencers, and even using the iPad as the centerpiece of hardware instruments, effects processors, and even digital mixers. We now live in a time when first-class synthesizers are being developed first for iOS and then as VST or AU plugins. While the apps themselves are powerful, their use in our creative chain can be a challenge.

There are no application restrictions for iDevices. Since the first tools for music production appeared in the AppStore, it has become clear that the biggest problem is the connection with the outside world. As the potential and number of iOS audio applications grew, this issue became more and more important.

IOS devices can now be easily integrated into DAWs via wireless MIDI or Wi-Fi, although latency and noise issues need to be considered. However, this configuration may be sufficient for basic tasks in some studios.

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Can Windows VSTS Modules work with DAWs on Mac computers? In theory not, although there are various types of workarounds such as using DAWs with Wine protocol (JackWASIO, VFX) or using virtual machines (VirtualBox, Fusion). Unfortunately, these solutions are not satisfactory, stable or fully workable. With several different tools, you can run VSTS plug-ins for Windows under DAW running on Mac OS. At first glance, the procedure for both installing the entire system and performing this process is fairly straightforward. Plugins look pretty sophisticated, but after some practice they can be used quite effectively.

However, before deciding on a specific purchase, make sure you carefully consider using your iOS device as an additional tool in the studio and if you need additional hardware, and make sure that VSTS plugins can work on your hardware.

So, let’s summarize. VSTS plugins on a Mac may work, but this is not an ideal solution. In addition, the very process of installing them on this operating system seems to be quite problematic. It is best to use the plugins that are most appropriate for your OS and hardware.

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