Can ROXi Be Used With Smart Portable Speakers?

The ROXi music entertainment system was created in the UK relatively recently, in 2017. But this did not stop her from becoming very popular in just a few years. The system today legally works only in the territory of the United Kingdom and the United States.

ROXi uses one basic microphone, and in addition, the user can purchase another microphone for little money. Thus, the system allows you to comfortably use two microphones for karaoke at the same time and have fun together.

But can the ROXi be used with portable speakers? This device has long been an integral part of life for music lovers. The answer is unequivocal – yes, you can, and you can without problems. But the choice of portable speakers themselves must be approached carefully, since not all of them can be used with this music system.

Can ROXi Be Used With Smart Portable Speakers

In open space, the power of a smartphone speaker is clearly not enough, and an electrical outlet is required to use a stationary speaker system. A portable music speaker would be the ideal solution.

In order for a popular device to serve for a long time and please with high-quality sound, a number of elementary rules must be observed.

Portable speakers are different, but they are all afraid of mechanical deformation, to which not only the electronic filling, but also the speakers are very sensitive. Therefore, it is necessary to carry, transport and use the column carefully.

Portable speaker speakers are very sensitive to water, and if water gets into the electronics, it can damage it. You should also protect the device from dust, which, falling on the speakers, significantly reduces the sound quality. Outdoor enthusiasts can purchase a portable music speaker in a waterproof case, but it will be much more expensive than usual.

When working with the ROXi system, it is not recommended to constantly use any music speaker at maximum sound power, as this will lead to a quick failure of the speakers. In this case, you will not be able to play high quality audio.

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For long-term use of the battery of a portable speaker, it is better to avoid its complete discharge, especially long-term storage in a discharged state. This reduces the capacity and reduces the battery life of the device itself. During storage, it is better to recharge the battery periodically. If the column has a battery status indicator, then it is better to store it with a charge volume of 70%.

When the multi-color face light is turned on on the speaker, the battery drains faster. Many portable speakers can be recharged using a power bank.

ROXi can be paired with portable speakers via Bluetooth or even with a special wire. A wired connection will result in less speed loss during data transfer, so if possible, it is better to connect using a cable.

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