Can Shazam find a song by humming?

Shazam is a popular app for finding music on the internet. It is the property of Apple Corporation and is perfectly compatible with all apple gadgets.

Shazam uses an efficient music search algorithm. To do this, a part of the melody or song is recorded on the microphone of the device. The app then tries to identify the track by accessing its own huge database. Of course, it does not contain all the songs and melodies that exist in the world. But a popular song can be found with a high degree of probability.

Despite the fact that Apple made major changes and improved it after purchasing the application in 2017, Shazam still cannot be used to find a music composition simply by humming or whistling it. The application requires identification of the original composition. This means that you need to record a part of a melody or song being played somewhere in the form in which it exists on the Internet.

The lack of intuitive search hurts the application a lot. Some of its competitors, such as SoundHound, have provided this feature. Also, you cannot bookmark compositions with tags in order to further use them much easier.

A significant advantage of Shazam is its harmonious integration into the Apple gadget ecosystem. Therefore, the user will be able to use the services of Siri to search for a song. Siri has Shazam built in, so you can just ask her what the song is.

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Shazam has a simple interface that even an inexperienced user can figure out. The application can run in the background.

To identify a song by humming or whistling, experts recommend using SoundHound. If the background noise level is not high, the search results will be able to satisfy the user. However, there are often unsuccessful search attempts.

With the help of Shazam, identifying a song simply by singing it will not work.

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