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Can SoundCloud Ban Your Account?

The music streaming service SoundCloud, which was created in Berlin, is one of the undisputed leaders in the global music industry and occupies a worthy place in the streaming music market. But some users may experience certain problems when working with this service. For example, SoundCloud may block your account for reasons you don’t understand.

Streaming services work online, providing users with streaming music. The SoundCloud service works in a similar way. This is a kind of social network that allows musicians to communicate with fans, upload music and sell it. All we need is a free registration in the service itself.

The application greets us with nice slides that briefly describe the capabilities of the service. Log in with your account. Now we are ready to search and listen to tracks.

The first tab shows us the music tracks you have uploaded. No filters or categories. You can stream everything in order. While we do not have them, we will do this a little later.

The second tab shows your profile, the number of songs, playlists created and the number of people who have subscribed to you. The middle tab is search. Here you can find songs, artists, playlists or people related to your search. If you have nothing to listen to, then this is the most necessary tab. There are always a lot of artists and tracks for every taste, added by other users to their playlists.

Just below there are privacy settings where you can allow or prohibit other users from downloading the track. It is also possible to immediately share the downloaded song via Facebook or, for example, Twitter.

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In the advanced settings, you can specify a link to buy the track (if you sell it, of course) and specify the type of license to distribute this content. Now everything is framed, and we go directly to the track. Here we can listen to it, like it, add it to a playlist or group, share it on social networks, edit or delete it.

Why use such a service? If you are a musician, then this is another quality platform to distribute your music. For ordinary users, this is a good opportunity to learn something new musically.

If you find a ban on your account, then contact the support service of this streaming service immediately. The most common reason for a user’s account ban is a violation of their copyright when posting their own musical compositions on the service.

On the first violation, the user is notified by e-mail, on the second violation, the account is completely blocked. But the user can respond to a copyright infringement notice about this service and remove the problematic track on their own. In this case, the violation is not counted. You can also argue for an error in the analysis of the service when a violation is detected.

Of course, contacting the support service with a counter-complaint must be reasoned. The term for consideration of the user’s request in this case will be up to three days. If the account was blocked by the administration of the streaming service unreasonably, then the user will be apologized and his account will be unblocked.

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