Can Virtual DJ 8 use Spotify?

Are you a DJing newcomer or just fond of this bright and interesting sphere? If yes, this article will be useful for you! Today we are going to tell you about one of the best-known DJing applications. It’s Virtual DJ 8.

Can Virtual DJ 8 use Spotify?

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Let’s start our review. Every DJ knows Virtual DJ 8. It’s a universal app that allows every DJ to mix songs by using only a PC. Having a rich audio toolkit every user could create unique tracks by spicing them up with different effects.

Virtual DJ 8 is a great tool that has several interesting features. Here is a small list of them:

  • VST sound effects;
  • Video effects menu;
  • Algorithm of rhythm selection;
  • Playing compressed files;
  • Ability to view song lyrics;
  • Mixing video tracks;
  • Supports MP3 ID3 tags;
  • Playing playlists from iTunes, and others.

The last one looks like the interesting one. However, we know even more interesting facts about the app. Do you know that it allows adding playlists from such platforms as Tidal, Deezer, Sound Cloud, Beatport, and even Beatsource?

It’s great news for those, who have already used such streaming platforms. However, what about Spotify-addicted persons? Can Virtual DJ 8 use Spotify? Unfortunately, Virtual DJ 8 doesn’t support Spotify. Nowadays it’s really hard or even impossible to find any DJing tool that can stream music from Spotify. Why do we think so?

We know one indisputable fact. In 2020 Spotify stopped working with third-party DJ apps and has left the DJ streaming arena. Such a decision gave other platforms like Sound Cloud and Tidal a chance to compete for primacy in the DJing area.

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However, if you are a Spotify fan, don’t get discouraged! We know at least one proven way how to add your playlists from Spotify to Virtual DJ 8 in minutes. All you need is to use MusConv.

It’s a special service that can transfer playlists, albums, and other musical content between more than 50 music services. Having access to such a great variety of platforms has already helped thousands of customers. Don’t lose your chance to join the ranks of satisfied MusConv users!