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Can you add multiple songs to a Spotify playlist at once?

Modern streaming services have greatly changed the music industry, making millions of unknown artists popular. Also, these useful applications made the process of listening to favorite tracks easier for music lovers. Now we continue to talk about one of the most popular services – Spotify. Let’s focus on the topic of playlists, so that after our explanation you could understand all the tricks of this application, and will apply them in practice with pleasure.

Can you add multiple songs to a Spotify playlist at once?

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So, Spotify is the Swedish app that offers its customers more than 50 million popular songs, a huge variety of albums, and fascinating playlists. With its assistance you can:

  • listen to music offline.
  • create your own playlists.
  • make content with common access – collaborative playlists.
  • listen to favorite tracks on a wide range of devices (smartphone, tablet, notebook, PlayStation, etc.).

Generally speaking, playlists are the major part of the Spotify service advantages. This streaming app can manage collections of songs suitable for different genres to improve your mood.

Moreover, it is possible to create unique personal albums. Just add any tracks there, and then make them collaborative and share the link between your friends or family members if you wish to.

Basically, there’s no question about adding the one composition to your personal album. However, if you decided to add many pieces of music content  there simultaneously, then adding one song at a time becomes a very tedious process. So, the logical question could be aroused: Can you add multiple songs to a Spotify playlist at once? We have a useful tip that can assist you. But you should note that it works for desktop Spotify applications only.

So, if you have an idea to create a great playlist of all popular hits, just copy these compositions into the newly created playlist. You can use any convenient method from the variants below. If you use the Spotify Premium package of subscription, and you wish to install a big collection of popular compositions, just do it on the go without Wi-Fi access, and it would be really great.

So, you have to do the following steps of the algorithm:

  • Make a new album of music content, you have to use the left sidebar of the app.
  • Choose the sign “Liked Songs” under the “Your Library” button.
  • Select one of the needed tracks here to highlight it, then you should press Ctrl + A buttons (or Cmd + A for Mac) to choose all the music content you need. 
  • Then, put the new songs into the created album.

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If you prefer to use Spotify or any of the other services on the market, do not forget to download the special application MusConv. It can help you change your music service. The program will transfer all your favorite songs or entire playlists from the old platform to the new one in a few minutes.