Can You Copy A Whole Playlist On Spotify?

If you are a user of the leading music streaming service Spotify, then you may have experienced the need to download a playlist in order to listen to it offline.

Spotify offers access to thousands of songs, but streaming can quickly overwhelm your data plan. But you can also easily save Spotify playlists offline and listen to them anytime without internet connection with a premium account.

To be able to listen to your Spotify playlists offline, you will first need a premium account with the provider. It costs €9.99 per month if you choose to sign up for an individual plan. The service also has several other tariff plans that you can use if you meet the requirements.

Can You Copy A Whole Playlist On Spotify

The benefit of a premium account also goes beyond downloading a playlist: you don’t have to worry about ad breaks while listening to music, for example. In addition, premium account holders can also improve the playback quality: you can choose 320 kbps instead of 160 kbps for free use

Downloading Spotify playlists for offline use is relatively easy, but should be done over a Wi-Fi connection to save data and speed up downloads:

1. First, make a playlist with the songs you want to add to your premium Spotify account.

2. When a playlist is open, the “Available offline” option can now be activated at the top with a button or slider, depending on the device.

3. Then the songs will be downloaded, depending on the quantity, it may take some time.

4. When the download is complete, the icon will be a green circle with an arrow pointing down in front of the artist’s name. The playlist, which is now available offline on Spotify, is marked with a similar icon in front of the list name.

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By downloading Spotify playlists, you can store up to 3333 song titles on your device and listen to them anytime without an Internet connection. However, you must periodically establish an online connection with Spotify every 30 days, otherwise the synced songs will no longer be available. The streaming service wants to make sure your subscription is still active and also check how many times Spotify songs have been played offline. In this case, using the terminology of the Swedish music streaming service, you will be considered an active monthly user.

If you listen to Spotify offline, playlists for it can also be stored on SD cards as they take up a lot of space on your mobile device. The streaming service stores offline playlists where there is the most storage space. Therefore, to save to an SD card, you just need to make sure that the card has more storage space than your smartphone. To do this, the app’s cache must be cleared and the quality of the downloaded Spotify playlist must be set to the highest level.

By following the steps above, you get the opportunity to copy the entire Spotify playlist and listen to songs from it offline without an Internet connection.

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