Can you DJ with SoundCloud?

Entry-level DJs often wonder where to get music compositions for their mixes. Nowadays, it is possible to use the base of different streaming services. Now, let us see why a streaming service is a good option on the example of the SoundCloud application.

Can you DJ with SoundCloud?

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So, as you realize the answer to the question: “Can you DJ with SoundCloud?” is “yes”! SoundCloud is a popular German music streaming application. In addition to its main purpose – to give music fans the great possibility to enjoy high-quality songs – it works as a social network. This means that you can send messages to other users and attach music links there, for example. Also, every user can upload their audio content on this platform.

However, if we talk about the benefits of the DJing sphere, there are many positive moments. First of all, it is worth saying that it is a great option because this platform has a huge number of tracks, from both well-known and novice artists.

Moreover, you have the possibility to upload tracks to mix them in the future.

Also, standard DJs tasks are getting easy with a special kind of subscription – SoundCloud DJ. With this convenient package of services, you will get access to offline playback on your DJ device. But if you don’t need to play offline, you can mix tracks with the regular SoundCloud Go+ subscription.

However, when it comes to the Pro Unlimited tariff, it won’t give any DJing options at all. So, choose your subscription plan according to your goals.

What equipment can you use for SoundCloud content?

When it comes to virtual DJing applications, here’s a list of them:

  • VirtualDJ;
  • Pioneer DJ Rekordbox or WeDJ;
  • Serato DJ Pro or DJ Lite;
  • Traktor DJ 2;
  • Denon DJ PRIME Series and others.

Physical DJ equipment:

  • Denon SC6000/ Denon SC6000/ Denon Prime 4;
  • Pioneer XDJ-RR/ CDJ-2000NXS2/ DDJ-1000;
  • Serato Rane 72 Mk II/ Rane Twelve Mk II;
  • Native Instruments Kontrol Z1, and others.

Moreover, it is necessary to remember the quality of the offered content. It is important for creating the best-quality mixes but there are a few factors to consider. You have to understand that quality differs from song to song because persons download their own content there. But, in general, the quality of songs on the platform is good and is pretty suitable for DJing.

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If you’re looking for an application to migrate your music content from one music service to another one, you are on the right way. The MusConv program will help you to move all saved tracks and playlists to make you happy with fast and high-quality results.