Can You Download Music From Spotify?

Spotify is the world’s leading streaming service that almost every music lover is familiar with in one way or another. This is not surprising, because Spotify today occupies a leading position in the global streaming market, with more than 380 million active monthly users at its disposal. According to Spotify statistics, 155 million users signed up for a paid subscription.

The streaming service, which was born in Sweden in 2006, today operates in almost 200 countries around the world and is expanding its geography more and more every year. Spotify has two versions: free and paid. Users of any of these versions can get full access to the huge music library of the Swedish streaming service.

But the free version of Spotify has certain limitations, including the inability to listen to music offline. There is also a limit on skipping songs for a certain amount of time, the ability to edit playlists, and more.

I immediately want to disappoint music fans and lovers of the Swedish streaming music service – only a subscriber of the premium segment has the opportunity to download songs. In this case, you can download a certain, but quite a large number of songs, in order to listen to them later, even without an Internet connection and, accordingly, without consuming Internet traffic.

If we talk about users of the free app, they can only download podcasts. The limitation on the number of downloaded music is that any of the users of the paid version can save from 1 to 10,000 pieces of music. Moreover, it can use up to five standalone gadgets, and this amount of music can be downloaded to any of them and to each of them. There is a very important point to remember here. If the user does not want to lose the ability to listen to downloaded content, then he needs to log into his account online at least once a month. This is to ensure that the administration of the Swedish streaming service counts this listening for royalty payments to artists.

All downloaded music can be played even without an internet connection. If the user for some reason has traffic restrictions or wants to save it, or is unable to connect to the Internet, then he can safely listen to the downloaded tracks.

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Even a person who is not very knowledgeable about the operation of a computer can cope with the task of downloading music content on a music streaming service. If the user suddenly discovers that the downloaded content has disappeared somewhere, then there may be several explanations for this.

First, he may have forgotten to connect to the Internet and access this app in the past 30 days. Secondly, he could reinstall the application, which automatically led to the loss of the downloaded content. Thirdly, his device could become the sixth of the five possible, on which you can download music. A special point is that the downloaded music content will be deleted first of all from the gadget that has not been used for the longest time.

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