How does Spotify spot fake streams?

Spotify is the world’s leading music streaming service, and that’s why every artist wants to succeed on this platform. Spotify creates comfortable conditions for artists’ development. A lot of musicians try to promote their playlists in various ways here.

Can you fake Spotify listens

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But there are also those customers who find it difficult to get an audience on their own, to bring a song to the top, and start monetizing their playlists. Such persons decide to use not quite legal ways of promoting their accounts. One of the popular unfair methods of fast promotion is the purchase of listens. So, can you fake Spotify listens, or it doesn’t work, and you will lose all your money?

Well, today, there are many apps and other web resources that guarantee to increase your playlists rating on a paid basis. Fake listens do not imply that a real person listens to the track, but the listens are still gained through the use of bots. There are special marketing companies that offer Spotify users a quick boost of listens for a certain sum of money.

Such activities are considered completely illegal. It causes great damage to the music industry, that’s why Spotify representatives constantly ask users to invest in the development of their accounts, and not in illegal activities. Moreover, Spotify is quick enough to “catch” such offenders and restrict their activities on the platform. Your songs can be permanently deleted from the resource, you can be banned from publishing music in the future, annul all of your hits for all time, and a number of other restrictions will wait for unfair promoters.

But how does Spotify spot fake streams? In fact, it’s very simple. Even the average user can easily spot suspicious activity, so, Spotify’s advanced system can do it without any problems. For example, if a particular Spotify user has gained 15,000 listens per day from inactive accounts (bots), and his past playlists have barely gained 100 streams in a year, then you can be sure – he booked the service of fake listens. And if the songs of a user who has decided to buy fake listen appear in the top streaming cities, then his or her blocking is coming soon. Also, an artist can get caught in such a trap without even realizing it. Many artists turn to marketing companies to promote their songs. But not all such companies promote songs honestly; they may use bots. So, don’t be surprised why your songs are suddenly removed from Spotify.

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