Can You Follow Playlists On SoundCloud?

If you’re a real music lover, then you’d probably like to listen to songs from independent artists, not bad music compilations from failed artists.

The German music streaming service SoundCloud is considered one of the best platforms for emerging artists. This streaming service provides an easy and cheap way to start building your own music career.

If you are a regular user of the paid or even free version of this music streaming app, then you are probably wondering how you can find the playlist that interests you very quickly and efficiently on this streaming service.

The content of the compilation is determined by which songs and artists you like. Music service SoundCloud has a weekly personalized playlist. A compilation called SoundCloud Weekly is updated every Monday. Tracks fall into it based on which songs and artists you like.

SoundCloud has one of the largest music catalogs. It contains both original songs and various kinds of remixes and DJ sets. Any of these tracks could end up on SoundCloud Weekly. The new playlist can be found at the top of the screen in the latest version of the SoundCloud app for iOS and Android, as well as on the web version of the service.

In this way, you will always be aware of the latest news and trends in music fashion, as one of the most popular and influential music streaming services in the world will inform you about them.

Let’s start with the foundation:

1. Make sure your profile is up to date and in line with your other online platforms.

2. If you’re not sure if your music is ready to be released to the public, why not share a work in progress or a demo?

3. When uploading a track to SoundCloud, be sure to complete as many metadata fields as possible.

Keep in mind that keeping track of statistics for your playlists will require some effort. The system will provide you with data on the number of plays of any of your playlists.

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You will be given likes or dislikes. But neither the first nor the second will allow you to earn income. So don’t forget that when you upload a song, you can add a “Buy” button to your song. This feature can be accessed through the “Metadata” tab on the download or edit song page. With a Premium account, the system allows you to fully customize the text of the button and name it whatever you want.

When you upload a song, make sure you uncheck “Enable Direct Downloads” in the “Permissions” tab of the Song Upload and Edit page. Then, if the listener wants to download the track, he will use the “Buy” link. Otherwise, your content will not be available for him to download.

If you are just searching for a playlist of arbitrary content, then it will be enough for you to enter the name of the playlist into the search bar on the main page of the application. It is not necessary to enter the exact name, you can make a mistake in a few words. The system will give you all the available options, from which you can choose the one you like best.

Finding other users’ playlists on a German music streaming service is easy, as is tracking statistics on your own playlists that you’ve created and uploaded to the streaming service.

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