Can You Get Music Videos On ROXi?

Roxi is a UK-based music and karaoke streaming service (formerly known as Electric Jukebox) that operates via a set-top box. The service is relatively young, it was created at the end of 2016 and managed to gain mass popularity. In principle, this is a new phenomenon in the world of music and television streaming. In the past few years, this streaming service has gained a lot of fans and subscribers. The company’s shareholders include artists such as Robbie Williams, Sheryl Crow and Alesha Dixon, as well as all three major labels and prominent figures in the music industry – Paul McGuinness Rob Deakins and Henrik Holmark (known for his work with the streaming platform Pandora).

From a technical standpoint, the Roxi is a music console that connects to TVs to stream music, as well as offer karaoke and games. The press release states that interest in the product at home in the last quarter of 2021 increased with exceptional force due to a properly planned and executed television advertising campaign.

The streaming platform is constantly expanding its capabilities. There was a merger with the satellite broadcasting company from the UK Sky. This amalgamation made the service available through several types of modern set-top boxes. This business operation was recognized by the management of the service as exclusive, since at the moment it simply excludes the possibility of the emergence of competing companies in this market segment. At least that’s what top managers say. However, the company added that it will eventually make its service available on smart TVs from other manufacturers. The service has a catalog of about 60 million music tracks, a lot of music video content, as well as karaoke, music quizzes and streaming radio. The cost of subscribing to this streaming service cannot be considered high, the price is quite affordable not only by the standards of the UK and the United States, but also by the standards of most countries of the world.

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The streaming service has a large number of music videos in high quality playback. This is the exclusive feature of this streaming service, which provides it with a constant influx of fans not only at home, but also in other countries of the world.

The service library is constantly growing and updating. The ability to view high-quality music video content in the most modern formats makes it popular, as it can be used not only by private users, but is also an excellent musical accompaniment during parties, in cafes, bars and restaurants, as well as discos. Thus, the application is universal in application. In addition, for him there is no problem in interacting with various operating systems, the application is cross-platform.

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