Can you get paid for making playlists?

Today, there are a lot of all kinds of ways for musicians and DJs to make money. On the one hand, things have become a little more complicated, because the market is overflowing with all sorts of new-born talent creations. On the other hand, so many opportunities have opened up that the eyes run up and at times it is not clear what to grab onto.

The most important thing in such a situation is not to be scattered into many directions at once. It is desirable to focus on one thing, plus, in parallel, develop and develop, at most, a couple of ways to monetize your creativity. The fact that creativity should be of high quality and that it is necessary to constantly develop and improve, I hope, is clear by default.

get paid for making playlists

Anyone can now make money on music through direct sales of their works, and it is not necessary to contact the label and give it most of the profits. Of course, a fairly serious and well-known label will help you in promotion, you should not write off the record companies completely.

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine in advance how much placing a song in a particular playlist will bring. Some playlists have tens of thousands of followers, but few active listeners.

Others have a small, dedicated audience that actually listens to the music, sometimes even leaving the playlist to repeat.

But even in a personal playlist, there will always be a difference in the number of streams depending on the place in the list. The results can vary depending on how quickly your song gets to the bottom of the list. This method works best for mid-level or indie music artists in playlists with independent editors.

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There are many different factors that affect the profit margin of a reproduction:

1. Where was this stream?

2. Was it from the free or paid version?

3. Do you own the publishing and recording rights?

4. How many people own rights?

5. And others.

In general, the most important thing here is to turn on the head, add a little creativity, think and try. Now, during the crisis, it’s time to start changing your life and approach this moment creatively and with a certain amount of ingenuity.

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