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Can you hide tracks on SoundCloud?

Many users who create their playlists on the music streaming service SoundCloud add and remove musical compositions, share them with friends, and so on, face the problem of how to hide certain tracks.

Private tracks can only be made available to the user himself. Personal tracks will not appear in his public profile and cannot be found by other users on this streaming service.

In order to hide a certain track, the user will need to change the privacy settings. Publishing the track as public means that it will be available to anyone. This track will appear on the SoundCloud profile page and in subscriber streams.

The General Information page displays all your track settings. You can edit the privacy settings by selecting the appropriate status for the track: «Private» or «Public».

You can also change the privacy settings for multiple tracks at once. To do this, go to the page of your media library, where the names of all tracks are displayed.

Next, click on the tracks for which you want to change your privacy settings. Go to «Track Editing» and select «Privacy» and «Tags» from the drop-down list.

If you select the status of the track «Public», then other users will be able to see it, and when you select «Private», only you can see it.

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You can hide tracks from the playlist by simply deleting them. However, it is not possible to remove recommended tracks from the page of your individual track if it has public status. If your track has personal status, then in this case the recommended tracks will not be played.

In the second case, when you do not want to find tracks or comments of a certain user, you should simply unsubscribe from it. With this action, you delete all musical compositions, reposts and a selection of other people’s playlists. You will no longer meet them in your streaming, and also in the future stop loading them.

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