Can You Keep Apple Music Forever?

If you are a real music lover, then you probably know and appreciate the music streaming service Apple Music. It is one of the best streaming music services today. Apple Music is the second largest in the world in popularity after the Swedish Spotify and owns 24% of the global music market.

Of course, the functionality of Apple Music is wide and varied. But at the same time, the music streaming service from the Cupertino corporation has its own significant disadvantages. In particular, users can create their own albums, playlists and music collections, but later all this will simply be lost.

The main disadvantage of Apple Music users consider the lack of a free version. You can get the services of this streaming service only through a paid subscription. By paying a monthly fee, you get access to the entire Apple Music library, which today exceeds 70 million tracks. This is truly a huge amount of music, but the main problem is that this music can be lost to you forever if you stop subscribing to the service.

When you pay a monthly subscription fee for Apple Music, you automatically get access to the library of this music streaming service. When you stop paying, your entire music collection, which you may have collected for a long time, will simply disappear, you will not have access to it.

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Apple Music keeps your entire music collection for only one month from the time your subscription ends. It is assumed that during this time you can change your mind and renew the payment for the service. If you do not change your mind, then everything will be lost, but not irretrievably.

If you ever decide to re-subscribe to Apple Music, then you do not have to create your music collection, as they say, from scratch. The music collection will only be available if you purchased music from iTunes.

If you subscribe to this music streaming service again, the entire music library purchased from this store is automatically downloaded to your music collection. You also get access to all catalogs and can download music for listening without an internet connection.

Most users consider such a policy unfair, because collecting and creating a music collection takes not only time, but also strength and creativity. However, Apple Music has no intention of changing the game for all of its subscribers.

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