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Can you lose streams on Spotify?

Today, there are no music fans who do not know about the existence of the Spotify platform. It is a popular music streaming service that allows both famous and novice artists to publish and share their music creations with the world.

Can you lose streams on Spotify?

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The number of streams determines how quickly a track spreads through the music world, whether it makes it to the top, and even how much money an artist earns. However, can you lose streams on Spotify for some reason, or it’s just a rumor?

Taking into account its scale and influence, the Spotify app does its best to provide platform users with listening to legal music content of high quality only. So, if you break community rules, you can really lose your streams and not gain new ones.

What are the most common reasons for losing streams? Let’s find out right now.

Any artist wants to become popular as soon as possible. However, it’s not always possible to do it as quickly as one would like. That’s why many platform customers try to use third-party apps and websites that can guarantee them new followers and more streams.

These resources are not legitimate as they violate the rules and terms of use of the platform, even if they promise you the utmost fairness and transparency. As a result, you may lose all streams on your current playlists, your future playlists may become invisible to other users, and your music may be permanently deleted from Spotify. In fact, any suspicious activity will bring you restrictions, as the music industry may suffer from buying followers and streams.

Some users may also ask their social network followers to subscribe to their playlists using the follow the subscription method or for a nominal fee. In fact, there is nothing illegal here but increased activity can also deprive you of streams. Spotify’s representatives are asking for natural ways to promote their accounts, and there is plenty of information on the internet on how to do this. If you choose this way, you won’t hurt the music industry, and you won’t lose your streams.

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