Can you make a collaborative playlist on Spotify free?

Since the Internet became available to almost everyone, the world has undergone great changes. Predictably, these changes affected the music industry, by transforming songs from records and cassettes into virtual content. It was just the beginning of a long story. However, what do we have nowadays?

can you make a collaborative playlist on Spotify Free

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Today, almost every third person knows what a music streaming platform is and what conveniences it brings to our lives. It gives us the opportunity to listen to our favorite music at any time of the day, wherever we are. We just pay a small subscription fee and get millions of songs at our disposal. So, today, we will discuss a streaming service Spotify. If to be more precise, we will look at its function that even some of its subscribers do not know about.

So, let’s take a closer look at what Collaborative Playlists are and how you can use them. To begin with, they give us the great opportunity to share music with our friends or family members. If you share this playlist, your friends would get the opportunity to:

  • add new songs;
  • delete any music tracks;
  • change the order of music playback.

There are many benefits of this feature, indeed, but can you make a collaborative playlist on Spotify Free? The answer is yes. The developers offer this opportunity for all kinds of subscribers.  That’s why, if you are not ready to pay a fee for a Premium package but wish to create a collaborative playlist, then you will be able to do it easily.

There is one slight inconvenience for users of the free version. You will listen to commercial advertisements and won’t be able to skip songs more than a few times an hour.

Of course, with Spotify, it will become much more comfortable to purchase a Premium subscription that costs $ 4.99. It will remove all the annoying restrictions and make the use of the application more convenient and enjoyable. However, if you like the free version, probably, there is no sense to pay for the Premium.

Try it free

If you are interested in the Spotify service but you still cannot switch to it because you are afraid of losing a saved music library, it is possible to help you. The easy and comfortable service MusConv will help you to transfer all of your tracks, or playlists to more than 125 music services, in a couple of clicks. So, download it, register, and use all its advantages!