Can You Make A Playlist SoundCloud?

Any user who has become a fan of the German music streaming service SoundCloud can seamlessly create their playlists on this platform.

In addition, this feature is provided to users free of charge. It is available to both those music lovers who use the free version of the application, and those who subscribe to its premium version.

So, every user can create a playlist on SoundCloud for free. All you have to do is use the SoundCloud app or website.

What are playlists for on this streaming service? They will allow you to organize your music that is on this platform, share it with friends and other users, and so on.

The fact is that SoundCloud has many options inherent in a social network. For example, here you can share your music, rate other artists and playlists of friends, create groups, and gain new friends and followers.

It is thanks to the functions of the social network that this music streaming service has grown rapidly in recent years, attracting more and more users.

I want to say right away that a playlist without songs and music simply cannot be created. In order to create a playlist, you will need to add enough music content to it.

Creating a playlist is not difficult.

1. Open your account on the SoundCloud streaming platform and click “Search”.

2. Go to the search bar, which is located at the top. In it, enter the name of the track that you intend to add to the playlist of this music streaming platform.

3. After the system has found the song you named, tap “More”. This option is hidden under the three currents, which are located on the screen at the top right.

4. Click on the “Add to playlist” button.

5. After that, the system will ask for the name of the playlist. Here you can let your imagination run wild with regard to naming. Add a title. There are no name restrictions.

6. Confirm your choice.

That’s it, the playlist has been created. You can continue to populate your playlist with content by following the steps above.

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If you are not yet a confident SoundCloud user, you may not find your playlists right away. We will reveal to you the secret that they are all stored in the music library. Therefore, you just need to go to the “Library” section and enter the name of your playlist if it is difficult to find it right away.

The German music streaming service lets you make playlists public or private. This means that the playlist you create can be seen and rated by other users, shared with your subscribers and other users, and so on. But a private playlist will be available and visible only to you, that is, to its creator.

If you create a playlist just for your own enjoyment, then make it private. And if you want other users to enjoy it, your like-minded people to be, then in this case make it public.

Above the playlist there will be three vertical dots. Select editing and then check the box next to the option you choose – public or private. Next, you just need to save the changes after editing the privacy. Playlists on the SoundCloud streaming service can be renamed at any time and as many times as you want.

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