Can You Merge 2 Spotify Accounts?

Individual users of the Spotify streaming platform have been using this service for a long time and highly appreciated all its advantages. A large number of songs in the library, the presence of various genres and musical directions, sound quality, an easy-to-understand interface and the wide geography of Spotify attract the attention of an increasing number of music lovers.

But if two people decide to live together and combine their budgets or even start a family, then they will definitely face the question of saving money. And this question, of course, will also affect the payment for a subscription to the Spotify music streaming service.

In such a situation, it is quite natural for music lovers to want to remain a subscriber to their favorite streaming platform. But it would be nice to combine two accounts for the convenience of users, right? Fans of the Spotify music service have this opportunity.

Many streaming music lovers know that family subscriptions exist on various music streaming platforms. It has its advantages and makes it possible to combine up to 5-6 accounts. But after all, a family does not always consist of a large number of people, then why pay more? Spotify has a unique offer: a Premium Duo subscription.

This subscription involves exactly the union of two accounts. One of the main conditions is living at one address. Spotify checks this condition from time to time, although it does not indicate how often.

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To upgrade to Premium Duo, you first need to decide which of the two will be the manager, which means managing subscription accounts, inviting a member, and setting up an address. No need to worry about losing your identity by merging accounts. The Premium Duo plan provides for two individual accounts. And this means that the playlists, and recommendations, and the saved music of an individual user will be saved. In addition, he will have a password for his account, but will be able to share his music with a partner to replenish his own library.

There are a few more benefits of a Premium Duo subscription. First, this is the price. It is clearly lower than the cost of two separate individual subscriptions, as there is a certain discount. In addition, there is no requirement to split the payment. Every month, a joint invoice will be sent to the manager, that is, to the one who signed up for the Premium Duo subscription.

It may seem that now you can only use your account at home, because you and your partner are united. But it’s not. Each of you will have a separate account that can be used anywhere, as before. The user can be sure that he can continue to enjoy music without ads, on any device and at any time.

In fact, those subscribers of the Spotify streaming service who use Premium Duo in practice confirm the convenience and benefits of this tariff plan. They note the real savings of the joint budget while maintaining their musical individuality and freedom. In addition, users have the right to cancel this tariff plan at any time.

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