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Can you mix songs on Spotify?

Spotify is a leading music streaming platform in the world. It allows millions of people to listen to their favorite songs anywhere and anytime. However, what interesting options does it have? Let’s figure it out today.

Can you mix songs on Spotify?

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Every person knows that Spotify is a special service that gives great opportunities for its customers. It allows music fans to create their playlists, upload files from mobiles and desktops or even create special shared playlists with their friends. However, what about Spotify’s DJing functions? Can you mix songs on Spotify?

We don’t want to take your time. That’s why we will answer questions right now!

Yes, Spotify has such an option called crossfade. However, it doesn’t look like features of well-known DJing platforms as Virtual DJ, Pacemaker, and others.

Let’s take a look at crossfade and find out how it is similar to traditional DJing programs.

A crossfade is an option that eliminates silence between songs and makes playlists unstoppable. It is a really interesting and easy-to-use feature. If a user wants to try it, it won’t take too much time. He just needs to go through the next steps:

  • Sign in to personal Spotify account;
  • Open accounts settings;
  • Under the Playback segment find the Crossfade option;
  • Drag the slider and select the crossfade length.

Such a simple process allows users to put tracks together as DJs do. However, it is the only thing that is similar to DJing. If you want to get more DJing experience, you will need to download special DJing apps.

There is such a great variety of music streaming services that can bring users tremendous experience. Spotify, Tidal, Sound Cloud, and other popular platforms allow people to dive into the great atmosphere of music. And what about the service MusConv? Can it bring users such strong emotions?

The answer is simple. Yes, of course. It is a special application that simplifies the process of musical content transferring. Having access to more than 50 musical apps, MusConv can take the stress out of songs moving and make all the work done in minutes.

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