Can you not buy songs on iTunes anymore?

For several years in a row there were rumors about the closure of the iTunes music store. Back in 2019, Apple announced that this application would no longer be available for Mac, and subsequently it would be completely closed.

But the rumors were confirmed only partially. Mac computer owners were really left without an application, which was replaced by three whole podcasts. But for all the other special changes did not happen. The virtual store continues to work and delight music lovers.

In the app, you can buy music and buy gift certificates and give them to your friends or use them yourself. If a user cannot buy a gift certificate or music, it means only that they are in the wrong application or have problems with the Internet.

But rumors about the imminent closure of the iTunes may well not be groundless. The corporation from California Cupertino today made the main bet on the development of its streaming music product – Apple Music. The reason for this was the rapid development of the global music streaming market in the past five years. It showed a particularly high growth rate in 2020 and continues to grow rapidly in 2021. The number of active users of some music streaming services has doubled during this time.


The reason for such a rapid growth was that the number of active users increased, because music streaming was simply the ideal way out for music lovers who were forced to spend a significant part of their time at home due to the strict restrictions associated with the pandemic. Streaming was also a way out for musicians who at first tear their hair in despair due to the inability to give live concerts, which, by the way, brought them more than 80% of all profits. But then they quickly oriented themselves and began to place their works on music streaming services, receiving royalties for listening to them. Although income did not become the same as from live concerts, it still appeared, in a sense, a light at the end of the tunnel, since it allowed you to survive and stay in the music industry.

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But the era when iTunes was just a revolutionary breakthrough is already a thing of the past. Now most music lovers have reoriented themselves to musical streaming and continue to actively use it. And in order to acquire music and music albums, they became much less common. Accordingly, the profitability of the virtual music store iTunes significantly decreased. But the streaming service from Apple, on the contrary, has become very profitable. Moreover, it, unlike many of its competitors, is distributed only by paid subscription. Today, Apple Music is in second place in the podium of music streaming Olympus.

It is likely that official support for the application by Apple may end at the end of this year. But the entire media package of this application will be available on the branded streaming music service.

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