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Can you pay to get on Spotify playlists?

Playlists and music TOP charts should be useful for listeners and famous labels. It is possible to find novice talented artists there. In the pursuit of fame, one wants to find the most convenient and fastest way. They say that some artists pay to get to the top of the platform. If true, can you pay to get on Spotify playlists?

Can you pay to get on Spotify playlists?

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To begin with, it’s illegal and unfair. With so much power in the hands of individual users, it’s understandable that some have fallen prey to deals. Some novice musicians should pay platform owners to include their songs in playlists. There were many scandals during the 50s, and they made such things illegal.

Spotify is undoubtedly one of the most popular streaming platforms. It has an option to create shared playlists, made by ordinary listeners. It is possible to choose the necessary theming. Tracks can be categorized according to their genres. It’s really useful and convenient. It is the most distinguishing feature of Spotify. Other platforms have playlists too, however, only here it is so popular that you can subscribe to other people’s music compilations.

To begin with, the Spotify team claims that there is no possibility to buy a slot on an official playlist. If a person or a third-party organization provides a spot in a playlist in exchange for money, this service goes beyond Spotify’s rules for music promotion. The administration works hard to prevent such deals. So, there is no sense in buying such fake promotion – accounts that have been repeatedly accused of such things get deleted. How to get on a playlist then? The Spotify team gave a couple of recommendations:

• novice artists should promote their talents on social media;

• create your own playlists, and add your music there;

• present a song a couple of days before the release.

If you’re pitching your track to an official playlist, make sure that you filled the submission as necessary – give more details about your track, like genre, mood, etc. As editors say, they adore learning more about the community. Don’t be shy, and share the story of your talent. What inspired you to make this particular song? Is there any interesting story behind the creation? Whether you are a DJ or a songwriter? Tell followers about your preferences.

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