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Can you play Spotify songs on virtual DJ?

Virtual DJ is a powerful mixing application that can completely replace DJ turntables and other professional hardware. It is a special application that both professional DJs and beginners can use without any difficulties. The interface of the software is designed to look like a classic DJ rig, with a mixer and two separate decks

Can you play Spotify songs on a virtual DJ

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To start working with the tool, open your media library, and drag and drop files from there directly into the application’s decks. Virtual DJ is equipped with a beat counter, and it will be useful for identifying transitions between individual tracks. It also has a waveform graphic display, which is indispensable for audio editing.

Benefits of Virtual DJ:

  • it contains classic mixing tools;
  • easy drag-and-drop of samples, and other interesting special effects;
  • record your mixes to mp3, CD, or streaming them over internet radio.

The functionality of the application is very diverse. However, where is it possible to find music for your mixes? Can you play Spotify songs on a virtual DJ, for example? It used to be possible. However, recently, Spotify is no longer available for use with this DJ software.

It is certainly a certain disadvantage. Spotify has a huge music library and tons of playlists, and it is the basic reason for it. However, is there really nothing you can do about it? In fact, we can offer you to consider one solution.

The essence of this method is that you need to download music from Spotify to your computer, at first. It’s not that easy to do because the songs are copyright protected. Therefore, you need to use a special tool that will help you download them. The most popular instrument is DRmare Spotify Song Converter for Mac/Windows. The program does a great job converting files and produces good sound quality.

Once you have music from streaming on your local device, it is possible to upload it to Virtual DJ. To do this, you need to:

  • open the DJ application;
  • click on the “local music” from the menu;
  • select the folder with the songs you downloaded from Spotify;
  • drag and drop the tracks into the Virtual DJ.

Done! Songs from Spotify are now available for your mixes. Of course, this process will take some time, but it’s worth it. All that remains is to wait for Spotify to be available again with Virtual DJ.

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If you need to transfer music files from one streaming service to another, the special comfortable application MusConv can help. This useful program will move all necessary content just in a few minutes. Download it and enjoy the result!