Can You Publish Music For Free?

If you cannot imagine your future without music and have decided to build a successful music career, then you will definitely have to cooperate with music streaming services.

It is unlikely that it will be possible to do without them, since today more than 80% of all music is generated by music streaming platforms, the number of which in the world reaches several hundred.

Publishing your own music on a music streaming service will attract listeners to you, that is, other users who will become your subscribers. Now your works can be listened to in different parts of the world.

But not all streaming platforms allow you to host your audio content for free. Not all platforms are suitable for this.

SoundHost is an online platform (mobile and web) that allows you to listen to your favorite music online, follow artists and music events.

Main characteristics:

– the ability to subscribe to performers;

– listen to music, discuss and evaluate tracks;

– be aware of the activities of artists;

– be aware of significant musical events;

– convenient and easy insertion of music from SoundHost to any other site.

The user who created the account has the ability to upload music, create playlists, chat with other members, subscribe to their news, send private messages. You can set privacy settings for your profile, as well as personalize it by adding a cover image and avatar, create playlists, and much more…

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Many features – fast track loading, downloading, convenient listening to tracks, the ability to comment and approve tracks, and much more.

YouTube Music (i.e. Google) is the newest entrant in the streaming market. An extraordinary advantage of the service is access to the music database on YouTube, where we can find many songs that have never been offered on other services. In addition, YouTube Music has entire concerts, music videos and live performances from various programs – we will listen to all this in the audio version (the image can be turned off), as well as when the screen is locked. You can upload your songs or music to this streaming service for free.

Finally, consider the German music streaming service SoundCloud, which is rapidly gaining popularity. It is he who is considered as the fastest and most effective instrument by novice musicians who are just planning to take their rightful place in the music industry.

The fact is that SoundCloud pays royalties to musicians directly, bypassing intermediaries in the form of labels, various record companies, and so on. But in this case, the entire responsibility for the promotion of their musical content lies directly with the artist himself.

SoundCloud has many of the characteristics of a social network. This allows you to share your content with other users, rate their tracks or albums, promote your songs, create groups, add friends to them, and so on. In general, everything that is familiar to you from the experience of interacting with social networks. And the methods of promoting your songs will be appropriate.

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