Can you remove followers on Spotify?

Spotify gives a great opportunity for music lovers to enjoy their favorite songs. Here they can find new music tracks and see what their friends or even celebrities are listening to right now.

Can you remove followers on Spotify

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Using this platform you can follow any person you like. It is a unique chance to get closer to idols. At the same time, any person can follow your profile. However, what can you do when someone unwanted started to follow you? Can you remove followers on Spotify?

Currently, Spotify doesn’t have such an option. Its users can’t remove or block followers. So, anyone can be tracked by undesirable guests. However, if you want to make your page private, you can start a Private Session. This will allow you to save the music from unwelcomed eyes. 

Despite private settings, Spotify can’t completely protect your privacy. And apparently, founders are reluctant to add such options that would be able to remove or block followers.

That’s why in one day you may look for another platform which will be more suitable for you. However, what will you do with your personal playlist? Music has been collected for ages, and every song reminds you of something. It would be really a pity to lose all music content.

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There is a solution to this problem. Visit the MusConv portal, and you will receive an answer to the question. MusConv is a service that has access to more than 50 music apps. It can help you to transfer playlists from one music platform to another one easily. Just download this app and stop thinking about losing your music content.