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Can you listen to your downloaded Apple Music without subscription?

The Apple Music streaming application can only be used with a paid subscription to it. During the first three months, the service provides free access to all functions. This is the test period during which the user must decide whether to use the service further.

When the test period ends, it is necessary to renew the subscription by making a monthly subscription fee or refuse it. The subscription cost for an individual account is $10 per month. If the board is not added, the application will no longer be available to the user. A three-month trial is provided only once to new subscribers.

A music lover who has long used Apple Music may face a situation where he decides not to renew his subscription for one reason or another. Therefore, the issue of maintaining access to his media library, which he created from the tracks and musical compositions downloaded on the service, will be relevant for him.

When the paid subscription to the service has ended, the user can further listen only to the music that he purchased, and then copied or downloaded to his gadget. But using the service and listening to music in the streaming version without connecting to the Internet will no longer work.


You can create your media library in advance from tracks and musical compositions downloaded on the service and use it on all your devices. You can write it to physical media. The choice remains with the user. But these songs should be purchased from the store.

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Of course, at the end of the subscription, it will not be possible to create new playlists on the service and edit them. If you use the virtual store iTunes and purchase songs in it, then they become the property of the user, regardless of the presence or absence of a subscription to Apple Music. But directly on this platform, the user can only rent music. It doesn’t actually belong to him. Therefore, as soon as a paid subscription (lease) expires, access to previously leased music content ends at the same time.

Of course, the concept of rent is not entirely appropriate in relation to music, but it is with its help that you can most easily explain the described situation and give an answer to the question posed.

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