Can You Tell If Someone Listens To Your Spotify Playlist?

If you know what music streaming services are, you’ve probably heard of a popular platform called Spotify at least once. It’s real giant in the streaming world. It has a very large number of fans all over the world. However, what is it about the streaming service that people like so much?

Can you tell if someone listens to your Spotify playlist

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Spotify advantages

Well, here’s what the Spotify app offers its subscribers:

  1. a music library of 100 million unrepeatable songs;
  2. the ability to listen to music offline in the absence of the Internet;
  3. unique mechanisms for matching music based on your preferences;
  4. opportunity to create playlists by yourself and make them collaborative.

The application is available in different versions and can be used on any device.

Spotify subscribers get access to all these functions and much more for a modest fee.

It is difficult not to appreciate all the benefits of this music platform. However, some users are very interested to get the answer to the following question: “Can you tell if someone listens to your Spotify playlist?” or how it can be done.

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Not everyone customer knows about the above-mentioned function, most users think that this service is not available in Spotify, so it is possible to say that it is a kind of “secret functions”. So, the Spotify application allows you to monitor what music your friends are listening to in real-time. To do this, you have to link your Facebook account to your Spotify account. Just make some simple steps:

  1. In the right-hand column, click on the button Find Friends.
  2. In the window that appears, click on the Bind Facebook account button.
  3. Next, select the friends you want to subscribe to.

After that, on the right side, you’ll see a list of your friends and songs they’re listening to right now, or the track being played last. So, if you’re interested in whether your friends are listening to your playlists right now, you’ll be able to find out. Your friends can subscribe to your account and keep track of what you’re listening to. If you want to hide some information from them, you can do it using the settings.

Can I see who follows my Spotify account?

You can view the list of users who follow your Spotify account. To do this, open the Spotify app, sign in to your account, and go to the “Your Library” section. Here you’ll see a list of recently played musicians and songs, along with your name and profile icon at the top of the screen. Click on your profile to open it. Then select the “View Profile” option or just “Profile” if you are using a desktop computer. Your profile will display all your playlists, subscribers, and users you follow. To see a complete list of your subscribers, simply go to the “Subscribers” section.

Understanding the difference between a Follower and a Liker on Spotify

When a user clicks the “Like” button for a playlist, it essentially mirrors subscribing to that playlist. By subscribing to a playlist, it automatically integrates into the user’s library and becomes prominently visible on their profile. Therefore, when someone follows a playlist, it also signifies expressing interest in it, essentially reflecting the same principle as clicking the “Like” button.

Indeed, in the Spotify desktop app, the “Like” button for playlists has been substituted with a “Follow” button. The count of followers and likes can significantly influence a playlist’s visibility and popularity, although users are unable to discern precisely who has exhibited interest.

This dynamic interplay between following and liking playlists underscores the multifaceted nature of user engagement on Spotify, where actions such as following or liking serve as indicators of user preference and contribute to the platform’s ecosystem of music discovery and enjoyment.

On Mac and PC you should use the following algorithm:

  1. Click on the arrow next to your profile.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Turn off the toggle switch next to the button Show what I’m listening to on Spotify.

On iPhone

  1. Go to the Privacy settings.
  2. Turn off the toggle switch next to My Activity.

After these actions, it will be impossible to see what songs you are listening to. This will not affect the quality of your recommendations.

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Benefits of Having More Followers and Likes on Your Spotify Playlist

Increasing the popularity and visibility of your playlist on Spotify can bring a number of significant benefits. More followers and likes not only increases your reputation as a music curator, but also increases your impact on your audience. This rise in popularity can open up new opportunities to monetize your content through sponsorships, partnerships, or advertising. Having a significant following can also help build a loyal audience and strengthen your brand as an expert in the music industry. Ultimately, this will allow you to expand your audience and achieve your music curation goals.

If after all steps described above you haven’t subscribed to Spotify but you want to try this or any other service, the popular application MusConv will help you to transfer there all your music tracks. All you need to do is to download the application, sign up and start your free trial period, after that you can move your music content wherever you want.

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