Can you transfer music from Deezer to Spotify?

It often happens that a music lover for a long time cannot determine which of the music streaming services suits him most. For one person, some functions are more important, for another person – others. But when using any music streaming service, the user creates his own playlists. Of course, when switching to another streaming service, they will be lost, and I really do not want to lose them. And I don’t want to spend time and effort again on creating new playlists on another platform.

But there is an exit. It is enough to use the popular MusConv service and transfer your favorite playlists from one streaming service to another.

For example, the user wants to transfer  playlists from the popular French music streaming service Deezer to the equally popular Swedish streaming service Spotify. To do this, he needs to go to both services. Then you should go to the MusConv. Having access to all the specified platforms, you can begin the process of transferring playlists.

We select Deezer as the source platform for transferring playlists. After that, we open the “Playlists” tab, where we carefully select the playlists that we intend to transfer by making marks in the corresponding field near each playlist. Next, we click on “Transfer.” We choose Spotify as the target platform.

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All right, the playlist migration process is running. It will take some time, so you can relax and wait, for example, for a cup of tea.

If all parameters are correctly defined, the system will soon notify the user of the successful completion of the playlist migration process.

As we can see, there is nothing complicated about this. Especially if you use the help of the MusConv service to transfer playlists. This platform is specially designed for such services, which makes it very popular among streaming music lovers.

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