Can you upload music to Spotify?

Swedish music streaming service Spotify has developed many convenient and practical options that are popular and appreciated by its users. It was effective work algorithms that brought the brainchild of Swedish developers to the first place in the world. One of the popular options is the ability to add and download music.

To add selected tracks to media stack, you need to download and install the official Spotify application for Windows or macOS. Then we go to the application and go to the «Settings» section, which is located in the upper right corner, if we click the arrow next to the name of account.

In «Settings» we go down below and find the item «Files on the device». We specify the path to the folder where the desired music is stored, and then in the «My Media Library» section, which is located on the left side of the application, the same item «Files on the device» appears.

We click on it and see that all the music is loaded here. Then you need to create a new playlist and add the necessary tracks or track there.

To transfer songs, you need to take screenshots, go to the application and log into your Spotify account through it. Then press the green button with a plus sign «Add», select screenshots from the gallery and wait for the application to recognize them and transfer them. You can check out the finished result in the «Favorite Tracks» section of your Spotify.

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It is no secret that Spotify is in most cases used by music industry figures to promote new works.

Comparing Spotify with other well-known music streaming services, it provides access to better music streaming, a larger library of music tracks, and has wider functionality. But most of these services are similar to each other – options, prices, a set of music albums, etc. But Spotify somehow naturally stands out among them for the better. This is facilitated by an accurate algorithm for forming playlists and musical recommendations, and an interface that is understandable even for an uninspired user with a simple and understandable set of functions.

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