Can you upload songs to Spotify?

Spotify is a Swedish development. In the first place in terms of popularity and the number of subscribers is today Spotify. It holds a share of more than 32% of the global streaming music market and has more than 350 million subscribers, of which more than 150 million have issued a paid premium subscription. But Spotify also has a free version with slightly reduced capabilities.

The global music streaming market today is developing in hypertemps. Analysts unanimously claim that this trend will continue in the coming years. The pandemic made its adjustments to the plans of musicians who received the main income from performances. And the sale of their music on physical media is a thing of the past. That is why many artists reoriented themselves to promoting and selling their compositions using music streaming services.

Once selected for the playlist, you can earn thousands of views per night, and your income can increase dramatically at one time.

Now is a very good time for home recording musicians and creating music with your own hands. There is no need to contract with the label in advance to distribute music, and independent artists can easily distribute it themselves.

Сan you upload songs to Spotify

You can do the distribution of your work yourself. There are fewer guarantees of luck, but at the same time less losses due to payment for intermediary services of labels.

Spotify has launched a beta feature that allows artists to upload their music directly to the service. This feature provides musicians with a new way to publish their work on Spotify without the help of labels or other distributors acting as intermediaries.

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Having uploaded his music to this platform, the artist can count on receiving royalties – income for using his composition by a music service. In addition, his music will be distributed around the world. So, the music streaming service today can be considered as an almost ideal mechanism for the «promotion» of the artist. But streaming also allows you to make good money, being almost the only perfume for the world music industry in a pandemic.

Your profile was not previously marked as authenticated unless you had 250 subscribers. Fortunately, Spotify is now open to the certification process for all artists.

Go to «Spotify for Artists» and click «Access».

It takes a few days to a week to confirm your identity with Spotify and you’ll be able to access your performer profile after the verification is complete. In your artist profile, you can edit photos and check statistics, such as sales.

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