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Can you use a laptop with Denon Prime 4?

The sphere of DJing is constantly evolving. More and more products are appearing on the market to deliver high-quality sound and make the DJ’s life easier. These useful services give almost total freedom to your imagination.

Can you use a laptop with Denon Prime 4?

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Denon Prime 4 is currently considered as the reference DJ system. It is the most powerful and fully autonomous system among others. The manufacturers have built into this product a display to control all processes. The size of the integrated screen is 10 inches. While you work, you can tilt it at different angles as you wish. It has a very sensitive sensor and bright, high-quality graphics.

In addition to the onboard screen, the Denon Prime 4 has a number of other high-end features:

  • a multi-core processor for good performance;
  • a four-channel mixer;
  • 2 large screen jogs for up to 4 decks;
  • 13 built-in DJ effects;
  • 8 pads for each deck, and much more.

Using this system, you can even control the music and its volume in different parts of the party. It is worth mentioning that different tracks can be played as well.

In general, the Denon Prime 4 is a universal system. It’s suitable for both beginners (because of its user-friendly interface) and advanced customers. It is really powerful and reliable software. Also, a great advantage is that the total equipment weight is less than 10 kg. So, you can transport it anywhere without difficulties (but be careful with the mini-screen).

However, is it possible to use Denon Prime 4 as a standard controller? Can you use a laptop with Denon Prime 4 to do this? Of course, it is possible! If you connect your laptop with a Serato DJ Pro, you can easily use this equipment as a controller. Moreover, you can connect special vinyl players to the system. It would be a great solution to work with vinyl records. However, to make this happen, be sure you have a Serato time code.

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The MusConv application can help DJs use the music content from different streaming platforms for their mixes. Also, if you’re just a usual listener, you can use our application to transfer saved music tracks, albums, concerts to other streaming services. This way you are able to move from one platform to another, or just synchronize some of them.