Can You Use Beatport Offline?

The online music store for DJs Beatport has long been an indispensable and effective tool for the music industry. Here they can buy licensed music content and use it in their work at their own discretion.

Beatport LINK recently took another giant step for many DJs by choosing to play music directly from streaming platforms, increasing the number of songs that can be played offline from 50 to 1,000 tracks.

Can You Use Beatport Offline

For now, this increase will only affect the Beatport LINK Pro plan, which costs $29.99 per month and offers, among other benefits:

  1. Compatible with multiple DJ apps.
  2. Unlimited creation and playback of playlists.
  3. High quality AAC streaming at 256Kbps.

Beatport LINK is very oriented towards electronic music, offering a cost-effective solution to any user as it makes it possible to always have a thousand songs downloaded to the computer for playback anywhere, largely avoiding the recurring cost of purchasing a song that would normally cost from one up to three euros. By the way, experience shows that in practice many of them will not even be used.

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This is a significant leap that makes offline playlists a more viable and truly useful resource. This is a practical way to focus your spending on becoming a monthly Beatport LINK subscriber, where you can create, maintain and use playlists generated from the Beatport catalog and then download and use them for gigs however you want without relying on the Internet.

For artists who frequently perform in environments where Internet connectivity is not guaranteed – festivals, conventions, outdoor discos, disparate service events, and even just making music on the go, this feature is just perfect. This has been a great help to them. You can also switch tracks in your playlists whenever you want.

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