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Can you use computer speakers with Serato?

Earlier it was not easy to work as a DJ. You had to work with vinyl records all the time and carry heavy equipment anywhere. Many of the modern DJs’ functions were not available.

Can you use computer speakers with Serato?

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However, times change. The DJ profession is getting easier thanks to modern technology. Now to become a real specialist in DJing you don’t need a huge monetary investment, it is possible to use simple equipment and get great results.

High-quality software plays a very important role for a DJ. You can create cool mixes using just one application. Sure, you can plug in controllers too, however, it is worth  doing.

In the field of DJing at the moment, there are a few manufacturers that are producing high-quality products. One of them is Serato.

Serato has released several well-known variations of special software. The common features of them are:

  • an intuitive interface;
  • any controller could be connected;
  • possibility to use from 2 to 4 decks at the same time;
  • a large number of effects that you can apply to any track;
  • streaming services can be used as a music source;
  • possibility to record your mixes;
  • compatibility for any level of DJ (both beginners and advanced specialists.

If you’re new to DJing, you should definitely start by using Serato. The main advantage for you is the way to save expenses. There is no need to buy any equipment, in fact, you can just pay a small amount of money for one application. Also, you will easily learn the skill of DJing thanks to the clues and intuitive interface.

Many newcomers have a lot of questions. Mostly, they need to understand is it profitable to use/purchase equipment. But, as we mentioned above, you don’t need to buy anything if you have a laptop or computer already. So, the answer to the question “Can you use computer speakers with Serato?” is obvious!

In most cases, computer speakers connect by default. However, if something has gone wrong, just check the settings. Different software versions may have different requirements. But, in most cases, software clues make it easy for all customers to connect the necessary devices themselves.

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Want to DJ with streaming services? There is no problem at all. A special MusConv application can transfer the necessary music content  to a streaming platform that is compatible with your equipment. This way you will be able to dispose of a multi-million music library and make  exciting mixes with it.