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Can you use Spotify for WeDJ?

WeDJ is a great and interesting application that was launched by the Pioneer Company. It’s a real treasure for both beginners and professional DJs.

Can you use Spotify for WeDJ?

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Beginners can study different nuances of this exciting profession without purchasing additional equipment and vinyl records. By having only this software, it is possible to create great mixes.

You can download this useful application on any device, for example, a laptop or personal computer. It is the most convenient way to master the skill. Moreover, you can get the application on your iPhone, iPad, and even Android. So, if you want to simplify the process of controlling, just use the special option of mixing from your smartphone or tablet.

What can I use as a music source for DJing with WeDJ?

Taking into account that Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services, a lot of fans want to use music from it. So, can you use Spotify for WeDJ? If you’re planning to make music mixes with WeDJ, you should know about the absence of the possibility to borrow music content from Spotify now. Perhaps, this will change in the future as many people would like to see this platform available.

However, despite the impossibility of working with Spotify, a number of other interesting music applications are available to WeDJ users. One of them is iTunes. To use music from there just sign in to your account from the device with installed WeDJ. After that, you will have access to its wide music library.

The second service is Bitport Link. This music application was launched by an online music shop. In essence, it was originally designed for DJs. There you can find pre-made mixes or full versions of songs to create your own music content. Live broadcasts of DJs are also available.

Moreover, you are welcome to use Sound Cloud Go as a good music source. There’s a huge library of music from different genres that you can use for your original mixes.

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MusConv displays Spotify playlists for transfer to other music services

If you happen to use other streaming services which aren’t compatible with WeDJ, we know how to help you. The convenient service MusConv is suitable for these purposes. This easy-to–use application is able to:

  • transfer music from one streaming service to another (more than 125 platforms available);
  • synchronize of music content across several applications at once;
  • transfer artists’ biographies, videos from their performances, and other significant music content.