Can you use Spotify with DDJ 400?

A DJ controller is an equipment that has many functions that are designed not only to facilitate the operation of a disc jockey, but also to influence the level of satisfaction from the pleasure of dancing people. We associate these devices with a flat disk on which two vinyl records or CDs are placed. Modern controllers have retained their classic form, but have become smaller, lighter and, more importantly, much more functional.

In addition to scratching, the DJ can use built-in transition effects, change tones and mix tracks beyond recognition. The DJ controller operates using the MIDI protocol. This is a digital interface for transmitting information between electronic devices. Through it, a signal is sent to the computer containing data about the current configuration of the device. This includes the buttons, sliders, handles, and turning wheels used.

The effects available in controllers are most often created using circular potentiometers. The central part of the device is responsible for mixing music. It takes time to get acquainted with all the features and capabilities of the new controller. However, these moments will not be wasted, because these devices give the user a lot of pleasure.

Spotify with DDJ 400

If you want to use the DJ controller professionally, note the number and type of outputs and inputs. The more, the better. This is important because in the future you will definitely want to expand your installation with additional elements. Professional stage DJ controllers usually have their own sound card. They allow you to directly connect an amplifier or active monitors. However, such equipment is very expensive, and the lack of a sound card does not cancel the use of devices even for professional use. In addition, having a computer with you, it is easier to change the repertoire to one that you have not prepared. All you need is an internet connection to fulfill any musical desire of guests.

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DDJ-400 is a two-channel controller that is highly valued in a professional environment. The arrangement of the device is designed to correspond as much as possible to the design of stage devices. This solution greatly promotes learning and further development in the art of DJ.

The DDJ-400 controller works with Rekordbox. The device is light and portable, so you can take it with you anywhere. Beat FX allows you to apply professional effects corresponding to the current track being played. Thus, you will very quickly create a ready-made set, despite the lack of great experience. The equipment is compatible with the djay application. You can also mix live tracks from apps like Spotify. Compatibility with this megapopular streaming music service is another important advantage of the equipment. This is definitely the cheapest equipment, but at the same time not inferior in functionality to other, more expensive models. Its low price and great opportunities made it popular among buyers.

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