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Can you use Spotify with Pioneer DJ?

Spotify gives DJs direct access to a rich collection of more than 70 million tracks and music videos. The use of such a practically inexhaustible musical resource will to a large extent be able to simplify the work of any DJ and make it much more effective.

Prudent developers, apparently, previously understood the full importance of music streaming services in the development of the music world. Therefore, they began to produce equipment for DJs, with the help of which they will be able to interact with streaming services and, in particular, with the Swedish Spotify, which today is the leader in the global streaming market.

Everyone who is already engaged in or is only going to do DJ can turn their attention to almost the entire line of equipment for DJ Pioneer DJ.

By the way, pay special attention to the DDJ-400. This equipment is a multi-function controller that is compatible with the Djay platform for iOS and Djay Pro for PCs. It is associated with Spotify Premium. This is a paid version of the Swedish streaming service, which has a much wider set of features when compared with the free version.

To use all the features of this DJ equipment, you must sign up for a paid subscription and create your Spotify Premium account. With its help, you can speed up, slow down, loop, cut and add various special effects. This will give each track individuality.

The ability to mix several tracks at the same time allow you to create a new playlist with its signature sound, inherent only in it.

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Access to the huge music library of the leading streaming service greatly simplifies the task of the DJs, because in this media library you can find almost any song that you want to listen to, for example, regulars of a disco or party. Moreover, this will be relevant in any country in the world, because Swedish music streaming officially works in more than 200 countries.

The equipment has excellent technical characteristics that meet the highest requirements, both beginners and professional DJs.

By the way, the Swedish streaming music service is far from the only one with whom Pioneer DJ controllers can work. The list of musical streaming representatives with whom this famous producer works is constantly expanding.

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