Can You Use Two Microphones With ROXi?

Roxi is called a music and entertainment system. With this device, you can enjoy singing along with famous performers for free or by subscription. Karaoke clips can be watched on the big screen of the most modern TVs.

ROXi is multi-platform, it is universal in application. The price of £99.95 is affordable for the average Brit. This price includes the ROXi set-top box, the ROXi controller. The new user is provided with a one-year music subscription. And this offer makes ROXi one of the most profitable music entertainment in the music streaming market.

Roxi has a built-in dynamic capsule microphone that can be used to sing karaoke effectively. The state-of-the-art ROXi Smart Voice technology puts the user in complete control of the music content.

Can You Use Two Microphones With ROXi

Many lovers of music and karaoke songs ask if two microphones can be used in this case.

Yes, indeed, the latest version of the Roxi app provides for the connection of a second dynamic capsule microphone. This option has an additional cost. If a second microphone is purchased with the main set, it will cost £19.99.

Among other things, the user gets access to a large media library, which is about 60 thousand video clips, including karaoke. That is why Roxi has become so popular in a very short time.

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Today, this music and television business is backed by world-renowned artists. Their support is a powerful engine for the service. After all, who, no matter how the artist himself, can clearly predict all the wishes of listeners and viewers, he knows all the latest trends and trends in the music industry, he is aimed at the end consumer of music content. That is why almost any music streaming service, owned or co-owned by artists, always becomes so successful in no time.

After the acquisition of shares in the service by artists, a completely new, updated Roxi appeared. Thus, a huge leap was made in the field of home and club entertainment related to music and karaoke. Smart Voice technology allows you to control your voice, which is almost identical to a voice assistant. This is a very handy and efficient feature. In addition, if the user made a mistake in the name of a song or its artist, artificial intelligence will always instantly correct his mistake.

Thanks to Roxi, you can expand your horizons and knowledge about pop music by participating in the virtual contest “Name the Song”. You can choose not only the appropriate genre, but also compete with family members for the best result of the competition. There is also music filtering, for example, young listeners will be automatically protected from explicit audio and video content.

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